Dear Hummingbird,


Hello, you colorful child!

Did you know that hummingbirds have tiny iridescent feathers? That’s where their colors comes from. Yeah. You probably did. Well, obviously you knew. You are one of them.             

I bet you didn’t know that their favorite color is red and that they are the only bird that can fly both forward and backward. (One must try to learn something new every single day, don’t you agree? It’s the only way to keep “baby eyes,” the kind of eyes that gaze at everything as if for the first time. With infinite awe and wonder. It’s the only way to be present and stay alive.)

Today I am writing to you to thank you for being yourself. Even if your favorite color isn’t red, I promise you, you are indeed a hummingbird. Because it doesn’t matter where you go, you always bring a lil’ bit of sunshine, and there’s always enough to go around. Also, because you are made of rainbows, and you can turn anything into a million shades of beautiful. I adore you for that.

How can one not adore you?

1.     You see what others don’t - you see the little remarkable miracles woven into everyday life. For example, the colorful leaves piled up on the sidewalk in mid-autumn, or the old lady on the subway whom you can tell smiled a lot because her deepest wrinkles are around her lips, or the adolescent couple standing next to the coffee shop holding hands as if they were holding for dear life.

2.     #YouHaveAThingWithFloors that makes everyone #HaveAThingWithFloors.

3.     You make New York into carpets so that anyone can walk through the entire city in one step. It’s like a very cheap time-traveling machine.

4.     You see the good in people, even when they themselves don’t see it.

5.     You’re a “Where’s Waldo?” champion with patterns, finding them everywhere and seeing them as potential getup on upholstery, walls or any type of décor.

See? How can anyone not adore you? You are forever a child with timeless wisdom. That’s the best thing one can be.

I hope today finds you well, and if it doesn’t, I hope this letter helps a little bit. Because you love letters, and I love you.

So thanks for sharing the light.

Please visit Caracas soon. I miss you.



Julia Grace