Dear Australopithecus,

Isn’t it a sort of genius to cut straight to the heart?

There’s an art to it -- whether you’re navigating into the pit of a dance party or biting into a 6 burger on Sunday -- and you seem to have it mastered. That’s why we let you drive, because you suddenly take us to places like this page:

“You think the same way I do”

“Wait, what is it that you think?”

I don’t know, I wouldn’t be able to answer that question. Rather, let me say, then, that you feel the same way I do. You looked at that scene the same way I would’ve looked at it.

… and remind us that “more than about thinking the same way, it’s about feeling the same way.”

That magic is a quality, to have eyes that are fresh and always finding.

To have a heart that leaps out to others.

That might be why it’s so easy to feel comfortable with you in a short period of time: because you cut through the nonsense. You make your friends feel like family.

You’re the kind of friend you can lend your books to, even if it means revealing all of the scribblings written into the margins. The one that gets any party going, fixes the broken chair on the patio, and always asks about your mother.

Basically, everyone else isn’t you, and it turns out that’s a huge problem for us.

So we hope you’re drinking rum and raising both heaven and hell today, because we love you, and wish we were celebrating with you always, but especially right now.

Loving you and learning how to deal with it,

Alejandra & Me

Hello Papersoul