Hello Technology! You’ve got mail.


I write to you in a state of emotional distress because it has recently come to my attention that I suffer from something called ‘deviceitis’.

This means that my friends interrupt me during parties to ask that I please get off my phone and dance, my parents have requested that I not bring my laptop on any family trips, and I even panic when my phone's about to run out of battery with no charger in sight. All of this makes me feel at odds with myself.

It’s beginning to look like I’m addicted to you, and I’m a little bit scared of myself because of it, which is exactly why I feel like there are some things I need to get out in the open before our relationship crashes and either you squash me or I end up running away into the woods, a fugitive forever.

Let me be perfectly honest, sometimes it feels like my life revolves around my smartphone, laptop and desktop computer (yes, I have two).

As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I set off the alarm on my phone and wake up to check my texts. I then go into the shower (never without my laptop playing my morning Spotify playlist), get dressed and have breakfast while scrolling through Instagram and/or Facebook. Before leaving, I take a quick look at my Google calendar to see what my day will be like, plug my earphones into my phone and head out.

My day goes on in a succession of apparatus-centered events and activities. I ride the tube to work, swipe my card to get in the building, reply to some emails, get a snack from the vending machine. I’m so busy with all this, some days it’ll be lunch time and all I’ve said is ‘good morning’ to the people that sit right next to me. I could say that once I get home I try to take a break from technology, but I don’t. It goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong. I deeply, deeply love you. Especially when you answer my questions as soon as they pop into my head, when you play a movie in any of my screens, when you let me grocery shop from the massage chair in the TV room, when you give me directions so I won’t get lost in this giant city... You make my life so much easier.

This little system we’ve built for ourselves is truly amazing. I enjoy it very, very much. I know I could spend days upon days home alone with my computer, no human interaction necessary: All I Need Is Wi-Fi.

The problem is that now, whenever I don’t have you at my disposal, I feel anxious. And I need to fix that, because the level of dependency that I’ve reached towards you makes me really scared. It’s not your fault, though. It’s definitely my responsibility that I’ve let you come into my life and change everything in it. But the bottom line is you’ve taken up too much of my space. And I’m going to need it back, ASAP.

So I suggest we take a break from each other in order for me to feel like myself again. I hope that’s O.K. with you. Please feel free to get back to me with your thoughts on this, but try not to interrupt my alone time with silly notifications. I don’t need to know everything that’s happening in the world at every passing moment. Sometimes it’s allright to be out of the loop.



Melanie Isabel


Julia Grace