Dear Maria Popova,


I’m a fellow wanderer with a bike named Dean - after James Dean and Kerouac’s Moriarty,- a knack for asking questions, and an unforgiving obsession with Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photography and your blog, BrainPickings.

What’s your bike’s name? Do you wear a helmet?

(See what I mean? It’s my Mom’s fault. Growing up, she kept telling me that questions were the most valuable commentary. Unfortunately my teachers didn’t always agree).

Over the years I’ve grown a soft spot for exquisite letters; thanks to you.

In 2014, that assimilated appreciation became a project. But before telling you a little bit about it, a few necessities:

I need to thank you.  

Your blog, BrainPickings, was a torch that guided me through adolescence. And it still is (I’m 23). Your curiosity and wonder for all-things-beautiful, helped me find dictionaries in photographs, blueprints in books and maps everywhere else. It was a home whenever I felt far away from myself.  

Yes. BrainPickings is one of those rare places where everything is profoundly human and in consequence, beautiful. Thank you for having permanent wide eyes and for loving this world too much.

Now, about the project:

This past year I graduated college, moved back to Venezuela after six years living in the United States, and in the process, left much of my life behind. 

You’ve moved a bit too. And maybe that’s why you write with a gist of belonging. Perhaps that’s why your blog makes us feel connected to a certain universality; to what remains constant regardless of time and place.

Hence, in an attempt to stay grounded and build “pockets of stillness,” I decided to love often and to say it out loud (or in writing). The problem is, I’m terrible with instant messaging and social networks.

That’s why/how The PostScript Project was born: because of my inability to comply with today’s communication norms, and a yearning for intimacy through the connection with others. In an attempt to bridge the two: I decided to write one letter every week for a year.

After consulting the idea, one of my best friends suggested a collaboration with Elle Luna’s “#The100daysProject” and her awe-inspiring papergoods company, Papersoul. We agreed to make one letter every day, for 100 days.

And that’s that.

This is the first letter. And you are the person who inadvertently inspired it all.

Thanks again.

I hope you enjoy our scribbles and our sincere attempt to spread the love.


Best wishes, pleasant bike rides and immense gratitude,

Helena Carpio


PS: We will be posting the letters in