Dear Elle


Happy day 2. 

I'm writing to tell you that I got notice of your 100 days of making plans, and I can't wait to look at your dreams. I also have an important question for you : are you a butterfly? 

Let me explain. 

You don't know me yet, but my friend Alberto brought you into my life a couple of months ago. We were dog-sitting in New Mexico and he made bread from scratch before giving me a copy of The Great Discontent's first issue. That evening, I decided to take my bread with a side of TGD's food for thought. You were first up. 

I remember I read once that there are some colors only certain butterflies and seafloor creatures can perceive. Reading your interview that night felt like being exposed to a new color spectrum.

Right off the bat you said: 

"Right now, I'm making a giant mess." 

.....and I loved that. 

The day after reading your story I told my friends Alberto and Shinead about it. We talked about how the risk of not making a mess hurts more than the risk of making one. So then we talked about taking leaps, and the word "magic".

There was another quote you shared that really resonated with us. It was:

"I don’t just want to live the length of my life. I would like to live the width of it as well."

I really don't know how much of the color spectrum I'm missing out on, but I know I saw Shinead's eyes respond in all shades of (perceivable) "yes" to that one.

It's remarkable how a genuine connection can trigger us, isn't it? It can last about a second, but there's a before and after to it.

Something shifts.

Something stretches. 

So springs my theory of Elle Luna, the butterfly. Because something about the way you see the world moved me over tea and toast 8 months ago and now I'm challenging myself to get comfortable with wording things, mis-wording things, reaching in, reaching out, and showing up everyday. I teamed up with 4 friends and for the next 100 days we're going to be sending handwritten letters through  #ThePostscriptProject. 

So thanks for the invitation, Elle. Thanks for the light. I hope you enjoy the trips you're taking these next couple of months and I really can't wait to look at your dreams. Keep us updated on any nightmares, and do call us if anything comes up, anytime, OK?