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Dear stargazer, 

I thought a lot about you and the universe last week. I was at the doctor. Whitelights trickled fluorescent beams on me, a made for TV movie flashed images, no sound, and a girl’s dad sat across from me, shooting lost, dubious glances around the room. Maybe it was his first time at the gynecologist. I trailed off about that in my head for a while. 

"How much longer will the wait be?," I asked, in an are we there yet voice. The girl behind the desk swung her wrist 45 degrees back, 45 degrees forward. This shy gesture meant "a while", so I went downstairs for breakfast. 

Hospital cafeterias are in a realm of their own, like another galaxy, dense and dry. Maybe it's because most people aren't there to eat, they're there to fill up their waiting with something else. I filled it with watermelon juice and a guayoyo, which is what you call an Americano in Caracas. As I sat there I wondered how aliens take their juice and what they call their coffee. Would they have both at the same time to hidrate AND caffeinate? I don't know.

What do you think? What would you call watermelon juice on Mars? 

And what's in a name, anyway? Letters that like each other hanging out together. You know I still can't recognize stars by their names, I get too distracted by their sensation. There's stars I watch from the lawn, with the grass tickling underneath. Stars snuggled between two of my favorite people on a deck. Stars that arrive before sundown and stars that hang by the sun and moon at dawn. I don't know Orion too well, but I remember my cousin tried teaching me once. We used to lay down shoulder to shoulder on her boat  after long days at the beach. Everytime my eyes focused, the sky started to dance in layers and waterfalls, like a girl's twirling silk skirt. It's a hell of a show. 

I'm also mystified by all the stuff we can't see, like wormholes. A friend told me once that space-time in the universe is shaped like spiderwebs upon spiderwebs, and movement happens along the tethers. This implies going around in loops, instead of straight across. That's why space travel takes so long. Wormholes are shortcuts, they open a tunnel through the web. 

Google says “a wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity. But be wary: wormholes bring with them the dangers of sudden collapse, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter."

Sounds fun hey? 

 I propose we predict a wormhole from your window to mine - that way we could easily discuss these things and go dancing, through and along the tethers.

Know I’m always missing you and contagious ability to float, Luna.

See you this summer, let's roam! 


All my loving,



Julia Grace