Styles Overview

With 6 unique handwritten styles and 18 envelope designs (3 for each style), there is bound to be a style that matches your personality.  If you are looking for something even more customized or have a style already in mind, don't hesitate to ask us about it!

Papersoul Styles - Lilia.jpg
Papersoul Styles - Aurora.jpg

Style 1

Lilia is a modern style, with a cool and casual vibe. Its simplicity and effortlessness make this style a popular one!

Sample writing:

Papersoul Styles - Lilia - Weekend Bag.jpg

style 2

Aurora is for the romantics. This style is whimsical, dainty and carefree. There's something magical about the way the words and lines fit together in this style, isn't there?

Sample writing:

Papersoul Styles - Aurora - and two become one.jpg
Papersoul Styles - Fleur.jpg
Papersoul Styles - Aria.jpg

style 3

Like the quirky, lovable friend we all have, Fleur is fun and daring. There are no hard and fast rules on how each letter should look. It deviates from the strict uniformity that other styles have, yet it still comes together as an integrated and distinct unit. Fleur is wild and free!

Sample writing:

Papersoul Style - Fleur - Lavender Field

Style 4

Elegant and beautiful Aria. This style is the most classic calligraphy style of the bunch. 

Sample writing:

Papersoul Style - Aria - So Fancy.jpg
Papersoul Styles - Naomi.jpg


Written using a brush, Naomi is bold, confident and doesn't apologize for who she is. This style is for the daring, yet relaxed type. 

Sample writing:

Papersoul Style - Naomi - wander often.jpg
Papersoul Styles - Tim.jpg

Style 6

Tim consists of more masculine block letter styles. It can be written in pen for a more casual vibe or a calligraphy pen for slight variations in stroke thickness.

Sample writing:

Papersoul Tim Sample.jpg

Envelope styles

Papersoul Envelope Styles.jpg
Papersoul Envelope Styles 2.jpg